March 10, 2007

Panthers Rep Goblin City, Rock Out Like Crazy [MP3]

Panthers Live, December 2004, Photo By Kate[PHOTO CREDIT: "KATE"] You like Black Sabbath? Fu Manchu? Then you are going to dig this a lot. A couple months back the nice folks at Vice sent along a virtual promo of Panthers' (no, not Panther) forthcoming set The Trick. After a couple listens we emailed back and said, hey, this is a hot record, can we post the tune "Goblin City," because it rocks like crazy. Vice said something along the lines of "all in due time, rock fan, all in due time." Well, that time has come. In the song, which opens the new album, Panthers singer Jayson Green proclaims "we live in Goblin City, and it feels outrageous." Now you can feel it, too. As far as we can tell Goblin City is where people listen to heads-down, stoner metal boogie all the time. The band refers to The Trick, its third full-length, as its Reign In Blood; Vice will release it April 10. Panthers play two showcases at SXSW next week, during which you'll be able to hear some of the new tracks, and hopefully its formidable cover of Pink Floyd's electric howler "Nile Song" (which you can download from the band's MySpace dojo here. Do it). While we're told a full tour is in the planning stages, there are a few non-Texas tour dates already inked, which we've posted below the MP3 of "Goblin City."

Panthers -- "Goblin City" -- The Trick
[right click and save as; download three more Panthers tracks from Vice here]
[Pre-order The Trick from Newbury Comics here]

03/18 -- Hamden Masonic Temple -- Hamden, CT.
03/24 -- Black Cat -- Washington, DC
03/26 -- Bowery Ballroom -- New York, NY

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