March 20, 2007

Today's Hotness: Mobius Band, Jesu, WhyMe Podcast

Mobius Band>> According to a MySpace bulletin we've only now just seen, indie rockers The Mobius Band entered a studio March 1 to begin recording its second full-length. The trio records once again with Emery Dobyns, who also recorded the band's 2005 debut full-length on Ghostly International, The Loving Sounds Of Static. The lads report they have demo'd 17 songs and they expect 10-12 to appear on the finished product. There is no information as of yet about release date or album title. In the meantime, how about some Mobius Band MP3s?

The Mobius Band -- "The Loving Sounds Of Static" -- The Loving Sounds Of Static
The Mobius Band -- "Starts Off With A Bang" -- City Vs. Country EP
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>> Brainwashed's The Eye video program arranged a sit-down with Jesu's Justin Broadrick, which is kind of amazing since Jesu's tour got off to a rocky start, or a non-start, when visas couldn't be secured in time for the start of the tour. Broadrick discusses his early years in Napalm Death and many of his other myriad projects. And, as always, the interview clips are interspersed with live footage from Jesu's show this past weekend at The Middle East in Cambridge. Here is the link to the first portion of the interview. All three segments are on YouTube.

>> The excellent Philly-based podcast WhyMe has posted a final show. We discovered many, many bands via this podcast in its heyday, including the on-hiatus and we-seem-to-recall-somehow-Voxtrot-related Belaire, Relay and Diagram among others. It's sad, people. All the episodes remain archived for the time being. We highly recommend heading back into the archives around the summer of 2005, that's when the podcast was really crackling with good stuff.

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