March 13, 2007

YouTube Rodeo: Meneguar Unleashes "1,000 Actors"

Finding this video tonight gives us an excuse to tell you a couple things. One, if you are in the Boston area at the end of the month you would be making a big mistake if you miss Meneguar's show at Tufts. Two, the next installment of Show Us Yours will feature the eight-legged, Brooklyn-based, ass-kicking rock machine and its practice space, and it will go online Monday. OK [we should also note that we are about to send our laptop to Dell for some service -- as we have Mrs. Clicky Clicky's laptop as a back-up, there should be no interruption in your CC service. But in case we disappear for a day or two, that is probably why]. Now some words about this video of Meneguar performing "1,000 Actors." The sound and video quality is very good, particularly in comparison to some of the other Meneguar video clips online.

But it is the breakdown at about 3:15 into the clip where things get especially riveting. The guitars drop into an understated groove and stretch out and feedback, and it's the most nuanced thing we've heard the band do. And they do it for about a minute until the song just explodes. We know we said the same thing about this Frightened Rabbit clip here a couple months ago, but that doesn't make it any less true. It is really something else. Definitely watch it. And then make sure to check back in Monday for Show Us Yours #7 featuring Meneguar.

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