March 14, 2007

YouTube Rodeo: Oasis' "Fade Away" A Bunch Of Ways

Something about watching the video for the new Arctic Monkeys single "Brianstorm" made us just want to watch Oasis videos at YouTube. We think the mental link was something like, well, we prefer the biggest thing out of the U.K. from 13 years ago to last year's model. We usually do. We're not actually a big Oasis fan at all. But we do love with a capital "L" the song "Fade Away," which as far as we can tell was first issued Oct. 10, 1994, as the fourth and final track of the "Cigarettes And Alcohol" single (which, incidentally, has an awesome sleeve design). And there are a bunch of great clips on the YouTube, as you might expect, what with Oasis being one of the biggest bands going in pop music for much of the '90s. So anyway, here is a clip of the band allegedly shot at Wetlands in New York, 1994. The clip atop this item is allegedly rare, and includes what the description at YouTube states is either the first live performance of the song by the band or the band's first performance at Glastonbury. The description is unclear, but no matter, it's also from 1994, like the rest of them we're posting here. A nice multi-camera job with OK, not great, sound. And as one commenter quips, there are some pretty great haircuts in the crowd shots. Yes, kiddies, we really did look like that in the '90s.

This one from Tokyo starts off promising, but then the camera person starts fiddling wi the zoom. It's too bad they couldn't get a good shot of anybody besides Liam, although this is his most engaged performance of any we link to here. No, actually, this clip has the most engaged Liam, and it actually is shot from a great angle above the stage so you can see the crowd bounce and the lights swing around. A pretty great clip, all in all. Finally, this clip is from the Metro in Chicago, and it is a multi-camera job with pretty sterling sound. It is apparently also included on the DVD packaged with the Oasis hits collection Stop The Clocks.

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