June 7, 2006

Coming To Your Local Bandstand: Lilys

Kurt Heasley of LilysPop savant Kurt Heasley is bringing his latest crackerjack Lilys line-up to the West Coast for two weeks of dates beginning at the end of the month, and yes, we are jealous. We haven't seen the band since they were touring in support of Better Can't Make Your Life Better, and we know from talking to Mr. Heasley earlier this year that he aims to bring the show to Boston sooner rather than later. But still we wait, listening now and again to our copy of Everything Wrong Is Imaginary, which came out earlier this year on Manifesto and will be issued in July in the U.K. Reports on live dates played throughout the early spring were entirely favorable: apparently the current line can both bring the rock and dig into the band's sizable catalog. If you live out west, don't be an idiot, go see one of these shows.

06/30 -- Panic -- Scottsdale, AZ
07/01 -- Launchpad -- Albuquerque, NM
07/02 -- Larimer Lounge -- Denver, CO
07/03 -- Kayo Gallery -- Salt Lake City, UT
07/05 -- Crocodile Cafe -- Seattle, WA
07/06 -- Doug Fir Lounge -- Portland, OR
07/07 -- Gallery -- Sacramento, CA
07/08 -- Bottom Of The Hill -- San Francisco, CA
07/10 -- The Echo -- Los Angeles, CA
07/11 -- The Casbah -- San Diego, CA
07/12 -- Spaceland -- Los Angeles, CA
07/13 -- The Prospector -- Long Beach, CA

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