June 11, 2006

Free Range Music: Say Hi To Your Mom MP3

Say Hi To Your Mom -- Impeccable BlahsLike indie rock clockwork, Brooklyn-based mopers Say Hi To Your Mom are back with a fourth record. The new set, Impeccable Blahs, is allegedly about vampires, if you believe what the band has posted in its FAQ. Not quite a year ago we had some nice things to say about Say Hi's prior effort Ferocious Mopes here, and if memory serves that record also had a track about a vampire, or at least a goth kid aspiring to be a vampire. Imeccable Blahs will be issued on the band's own Euphobia label through an agreement with The Rebel Group label (who have distro via Warner's ADA) July 25. The point of that awkward sentence is that the record is going to get pretty decent retail placement. Still, if you don't trust your local record shoppe, here you can pre-order the set from Insound, which is also offering a discount on the title and kindly hosting "These Fangs." The tune is nothing particularly new or different from band leader Eric Elbogen, but if you liked "Dimensions And Verticals" [right-click and save as] or "Let's Talk About Spaceships" [ditto] then you will dig it. And there is something nice about consistency, no? Say Hi To Your Mom tours throughout the latter half of July with Dirty On Purpose, and then continues the party on into the American south in August. In the meantime, check out the download, linked below.

Say Hi To Your Mom -- "Theses Fangs" -- Impeccable Blahs
[just click, no need to right-click]

[Pre-order Impeccable Blahs from Insound here]

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