June 8, 2006

From The Admin Cubicle: Slackin'

>> Hey readers. It's us. We're taking the night off to listen to records. Novel idea, right? Fact is, we spend so much time reading and writing, a lot of days the only listening we get done is at the day job, which isn't exactly our full attention. Anyway, to get you through Friday, how about clicking over here to Two And A 1/2 Pounds Of Bacon and checking out two posts we've made there in the last week. The first pairs up a cut from the forthcoming Shapes And Sizes record (we promise we'll stop talking about it. At some point) with the closing cut from Royal City's excellent 2001 set Alone At The Microphone. The most recent post features two shoegaze classics, one from Ride and the other from Drop Nineteens. Looks like much of the weekend weather will be inclement, so don't be surprised if we're back on our blogging game before the weekend is out. Your pal, :: clicky clicky ::

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