June 6, 2006

Free Range Music: Radiohead In Boston, Be Your Own Pet

Photo courtesy of -- well, lifted from -- Dead Air Space>> Click this link and load up the Hype Machine player and start streaming Bradley's Almanac's MP3s of Monday night's Radiohead concert in Boston, then go here and read Brad's write-up. Hot diggity. Sometimes the action sounds far away, which is odd since Mr. 'Nac was in the second row. All the same, the set is fairly gripping, especially in its second half, from say "Arpeggi" through to the end. Definitely check out "Arpeggi," too, because its arrangment is new to us and features some pretty heavy guitars in sections. Totally ace.

>> PunkNews here points to a stream of Be Your Own Pet's eponymous debut. The act is signed to Thurston Moore's label Ecstatic Peace! Catch the stream here.

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