June 11, 2006

YouTube Rodeo: Asobi Seksu Live At Joe's Pub

Just to prove that we're doing something this weekend besides watching The World Cup, here's some live video of Asobi Seksu's record release party for their triumphant sophomore set Citrus, which was released in the last couple of weeks. Below the band plays the cut "Thursday" at Joe's Pub in the NYC June 1. You're probably pretty familiar with the track at this point, or at least you should be. We've only been talking about the record for, like, two months. You'll be pleased to see that the band can bring it live. We're pretty bummed that we'll be missing Asobi Seksu's Boston stop at the end of this month, but we'll be on a beach in the Carribean, so it's not all bad. Oh yeah, if you are waiting for the lights to ever come up in this clip, well, it doesn't happen, which causes the camera's auto-focus feature to really struggle throughout the tune. Still, we actually think the play between the lights and the in-and-out-of-focus is pretty cool. See for yourself.

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