June 29, 2006

From The Admin Cubicle: We're Back

From The Admin Cubicle: We're BackWe're back from holiday in Jamaica. Apparently the East Coast was so swamped with rain recently that USAir cancelled a flight or two yesterday just out of habit. Thanks, doods!! Anyway, we're pleased as punch with our guest posters and we hope you enjoyed reading their contributions half as much as we did when we finally got our heads working this morning. We've a mountain of email to get through, so we're going to ease back into :: clicky clicky :: day-to-day operations gradually over the coming long weekend. Check in periodically, as we expect we'll have things humming along pretty well come Sunday or Monday. In the meantime, why don't you plough through some of the Jon Brion demos recently posted over here at jefitoblog that our man MLE alerted us to.

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