June 5, 2006

Free Range Music: Depeche Mode, Portastatic, Psapp

Psapp -- The Only Thing I Ever Wanted>> Not a lot of time for exposition this evening as we've a birthday party to attend imminently, but we thought we'd best throw up some Free Range Music for the faithful before it gets too stale. AOL Music's pre-release album stream offerings this week are pretty solid, but we're just going to concentrate on two. The biggest new release this week is Psapp's The Only Thing I Ever Wanted, a peppy and colorful set of fanciful pop. It's actually a bit sad that the British electro-twee duo are best known for creating the song used as the theme to the popular American television medical drama "Gray's Anatomy," because that tune isn't even close to being their best jam. For that distinction we'd suggest "Leaving In Coffins" or "Curuncula," or perhaps "Tricycle," a wistful ballad from the new album.

As far as reissues go, AOL is offering a stream of the remastered Depeche Mode classic Music For The Masses, a hit-littered set that combines some of the band's best songwriting with some of its most creepy sentiments. Like, what is up with "Pimpf"? While you're over at AOL you may want to check out the major label debut from Austin, Texas' Sound Team. We're not big fans, but they turn out some pretty solid indie rock. And the live album from the Todd Rundgren-fronted The New Cars? Well, it kind of sounds like a capable bar band covering The Cars. Which at this point isn't too far from the truth. Our call: Wait for Ric to rejoin the fold.

Psapp -- The Only Thing I Ever Wanted -- Domino

Depeche Mode -- Music For The Masses -- Reprise

>> Want to hear the new Camera Obscura and Portastatic records? Head over here to the Merge home page and scroll down to the appropriately designated badge.

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