June 12, 2006

Today's Hotness: Thom Yorke, Big Sleep, Fleeting Joys

Fleeting Joys -- Despondent Transponder>> Tell you what, if you haven't hit up the Spoilt Victorian Child post here that includes info about and an MP3 from new (to us, anyway) shoegaze superheroes Fleeting Joys, definitely check it out. We were made instant believers, hit all the MySpace streams and mail ordered the record all in the space of about 10 minutes.

>> NME reports here that Radiohead fronter Thom Yorke will promote his solo record The Eraser with an appearance on IFC's "The Henry Rollins Show" July 15. Rollins' show archives its musical performances here, and while we are on the topic we'll divulge that we are particularly looking forward to a June 24 performance by Dinosaur Jr. We don't get IFC, so we're psyched we can catch the musical guests on the old Interweb. Incidentally, Yorke's The Eraser streets next month on XL.

>> Former Haywood lead guitarist Danny Barria's current project The Big Sleep has signed to French Kiss. More details here at BrooklynVegan.

>> Joan Jett apparently plays The Replacements' "Androgynous" as part of her set, or at least she did the night the New York Times sent a scribe over to catch her live. The full report is here.

>> We can't remember where we saw it first, but in case you missed it, IndieWorkshop's got the news here that former Velocity Girl fronter Sarah Shannon has signed to Minty Fresh.


skinner4congress said...

Rocker Joan Jett is pairing up with Skinner for Congress to help take back the house and Michigan's 9th District. With a $2,100 contribution to Skinner for Congress, Joan Jett is offering two tickets to any of her 75 shows across the country this summer. With your contribution of $2,100, you will also receive back stage passes and a personal phone call from Joan herself. Show that you Love Rock n' Roll and the future of your country by contributing today.

www.skinnerforcongress.com for more info

Unknown said...


"uh... yes Superintendent Chalmers?"

Anonymous said...

wow..for a little over 2 grand, i can get a personal phone call from joan jett and some back stage passes? lol..i dont even care about michigan's 9th district, but i just might have to contribute just for that.

Jay said...

Joan should just follow Pat DiNizio's example and run for Congress herself. That would be rocktastical.

Unknown said...

Don't forget our old pal Sonny Bono, creator of the amazing 12-minute nonsense jam "I Just Sit There," among other more well known and even Congressional things.