June 11, 2006

Free Range Music: Joan Of Arc MP3s

Tim Kinsella of Joan Of ArcLove or hate Tim Kinsella's stream-of-consciousness lyrics and jagged singing, his art-rock band Joan Of Arc has written a lot of amazing songs. "God Bless America," for example. Joan Of Arc returns next month with two records. We'll concern ourselves today with Everything, All At Once, which was recorded to 8-track in two bedrooms in the Kinsellas' mother's home (other Kinsellas Mike and Nate play guitars and drum for the combo -- according to the JOA web site Nate is currently serving two months in an Oklahoma jail?). The title of the record, which will be issued on Flameshovel July 25, is somewhat indicative of the process the recording took. Tim tracked guitar and vocals and the rest of the members recorded their contributions later over a nine-month period when visiting the home. The title track is a pretty picture of layered guitar lines and understated vocals, and thanks to the people over at IODA/Promonet you can already download that track as well as another, "Many Times I've Mistaken." The latter cut isn't as immediately memorable as the former, and those who quibble over Kinsella's lyrics will probably find something to quibble with here. That said, we think you'll find both interesting, and the beautiful and skeletal droner "Everything, All At Once" even enjoyable.

Joan Of Arc -- "Eventually, All At Once" (MP3, 192kbps) -- Everything, All At Once
Joan Of Arc -- "Many Times I've MIstaken" (MP3, 192kbps) -- Everything, All At Once

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