March 7, 2006

Coming To Your Local Bandstand: Measle Mumps Rubella

Measles Mumps RubellaWe don't remember where, but in recent days we read a critic, or at least an aspiring critic, take issue with the name of the band Measles Mumps Rubella. Way to engage the material, buddy. Material which, as it turns out, is well worth the attention. Straddling elements of contemporary dance-punk and classic darkwave, MMR's debut full length Fantastic Success is full of tunes that strain with the push of sonic exploration and the pull of propulsive rhythm. It makes for a pretty gripping listen. And you can hear the band do its thing live in the coming weeks as it treks toward and then away from the annual South By Southwest music industry conference that most every one won't shut up about. For those of you not situated near a highway connecting New York and Austin, the band has more dates in May. Check 'em all out below.

03/11 -- DC9 -- Washington, DC
03/12 -- Wetlands Dancehall -- Chapel Hill, NC
03/13 -- Drunken Unicorn -- Atlanta, GA
03/14 -- Whitewater Tavern -- Little Rock, AR
03/15 -- TBA -- Austin, TX
03/16 -- Velvet SpadePatio -- Austin, TX
03/17 -- Lennys Fucked Up Dance Party -- Atlanta, GA
03/18 -- TBA -- Greenville, SC
03/19 -- Haus Party -- Charlottesville, VA

04/02 -- Cake Shop -- New York, NY

05/02 -- Great Scott -- Boston, MA
05/04 -- Ground Zero -- Troy, NY
05/05 -- Over The Top Festival -- Toronto, CA
05/06 -- CAID -- Detroit, MI
05/07 -- DAAC -- Lansing, MI
05/09 -- Empty Bottle -- Chicago, IL
05/11 -- TBA -- Pittsburg, PA
05/12 -- TBA -- Philadelphia, PA


Jay said...

Gotta love good ol' passive-aggressive Lou Barlow...

jbreitling said...

Sounds like there is enough of that to go around with them, even today. Although I read yesterday Mascis has apparently become very spiritual now. I think Murph told an Aussie mag he is guru-like. I assume he didn't mean like the rapper from Gang*Starr.

Jay said...

Maybe he's becoming a Yogi, like Yogi Bear. What with that permanent tracksuit he seems to be wearing, he looks like he doesn't shy away from picnic baskets.

jbreitling said...

Pic-a-nic, KoomDogg, pic-a-nic...