March 11, 2006

Weekend Video Fix: Cold Cut, Hot Chip, Feelies

ColdcutSince rain overtakes the northeastern United States Sunday we thought it'd be a good idea to give you all something to watch while your shut in. It's more than just "something," because these are some pretty hot videos. Coldcut comes correct with Roots Manuva in a partially animated clip for the bumping track "True Skool," which comes from the storied electronic duo's recently released Sound Mirrors. Then the chaps from Hot Chip put on their best nerd duds and get stupid all through their extra tasty new cut "Playboy." And then, because we care about your musical education and about giving props to the ground laid in bygone days, we've got a couple of oldies courtesy of that great bastion of stolen intellectual property, YouTube. First up is ultra-jittery nerd rockers The Feelies slashing through a live performance of "Crazy Rhythms" (pay attention in this one for high pants, a possible cat sweater and Ian McCullough hair) Then we close out our video set with Dinosaur Jr.'s claymation-tastic "The Wagon," a live performance of which was probably the highlight of our showgoing year in 2005. Start clicking below to check the beats that make the natives nod.

>> Coldcut w/ Roots Manuva -- "True Skool" QT | RM | WM
>> Hot Chip -- "Playboy" RM | WM
>> The Feelies -- "Crazy Rhythms" [YouTube]
>> Dinosaur Jr. -- "The Wagon" [YouTube]

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