March 19, 2006

YouTube Sunday: The Annotated Dinosaur Jr./J. Mascis

Ain't no secret that 'round here the holy trinity of indie rock includes Dinosaur Jr. Video aggregator YouTube houses a fine repository of Dinosaur Jr. and J. Mascis + The Fog video clips. We spent a bit of Sunday morning checking them out. We've linked previously to "The Wagon," and many readers have probably already seen clips including the slacktastic classic puppetfest "Just Like Heaven" (watch for the Deep Wound t-shirt), "Thumb" and "Freak Scene." Here we highlight some stuff you may not have checked out yet. Dig:

>> I am guessing this clip is for a song from J + Friends Sing + Chant to Amma, the recent set of devotional songs Mascis released to honor the living "hugging" saint. The acoustic track is titled "Please Remember That I'm Here" and it pairs clips of grazing cattle, a cute dog and Mascis performance. We still haven't picked up the record, hopefully this will remind us to get around to it. [Link]

>> Watch Mascis perform the You're Living All Over Me classic "The Lung" and "Throw Down" [Fossils] with an acoustic guitar from a folding chair. No information on where or when the performance takes place, but it looks fairly recent. [Link]

>> Here's another live solo acoustic (well, with distortion pedal) performance, this one a version of "Little Fury Things" and "Quest". The tiny video with middling sound quality was apparently shot in January of this year at Cafe du Nord in San Francisco. [Link]

>> The best cut from the second J. Mascis + The Fog record is "Everybody Let's Me Down." The video is a really amusing send-up of the MTV bands of the day, including Lenny Kravitz, Eminem and Slipknot. Mascis seems to play the role of talent scout in the video and drinks water or naps while the various performers try to show off their stuff, until the end of the clip, where through the magic of editing we get to watch Mascis man the guitar, bass and drums all at once. Great song, great video. [Link]

>> Not my favorite J+Fog jam, but here is the video for "Where'd You Go." The clip superimposes wildlife shots, performance clips and J. hanging around outside during a sunset. [Link]

>> And here's the rest:

"Get Me"
"I Don't Think So"
"Little Fury Things"
"Start Choppin'"

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