March 28, 2006

Today's Hotness: Replacements, TV On The Radio, Logh

Rivers Cuomo of Weezer -- Image lifted from Wikipedia>> The extreme rabble-rousers at Buddyhead are finally back with a gossip update, but be careful when you scroll through because those pictures of the guy from My Thursday Charlotte Romance's johnson are in there. Most importantly, the 'Head reports a Replacements lineup that included Josh Freese on drums recorded some new tracks for the forthcoming Mats box set we reported on last week. Check out a picture of the line-up and the rest of the gossip right here. For those of you with ADD, here are the bullet points of the rest of the might-or-might-not-be-true, completely unsourced gum flappin': Weezer fronter Rivers Cuomo is/is getting married; Velvet Revolver has disbanded; a new Primal Scream record is around the corner; and David Bowie sings on a TV On The Radio track on the band's Interscope debut. Make sure to click through and read Aaron's review of the new Troy Van Leeuween-model Yamaha guitar, too. Way funny.

>> Swedish indie rock act Logh is working on its fourth record, according to this month-old post at the band's web site. Watch words for the new set include "Springsteen," "Nino Rota" and "Casio." The first and last of these excites us, "Nino Rota" we're going to have to research. There's also a video for the track "The Smoke Will Lead You Home" here [Real], and a brief trip around the rest of the Bad Taste Records site suggests a couple of the band's earlier titles have been reissued. Logh's A Sunset Panorama was one of our favorite records of 2005.

>> PaidContent points to news that Google is holding a high-level music roundtable soon, and hypothesizes a bit about what might go into a Google music service. Strong money goes to the inclusion of variable pricing. Here's the link.

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