March 7, 2006

!Exclusive! The Get Quick | Unreleased MP3s

The Get QuickLast week's mail brought something exciting: two discs of unreleased recordings by Philadelphia's The Get Quick. When listening to the power pop act's debut How The Story Goes last fall we noted that the track "Happy" faded out just as it was getting crazy. It fades back in at the end of album closer "Here She Comes," but we couldn't help but wonder what sort of mayhem we were missing by having the track bifurcated like that. You know all the good stuff Nixon said was in those mysterious blank spots in the audio tapes of his Oval Office recordings, and we couldn't help feeling that some of the best parts of "Happy" might be similarly lost to history. Well, we've known The Get Quick's Erik Evol for a goodly while, so we hit him up to fish for an alternate mix or two. Imagine our excitement when we finally received the motherlode last week.

How The Story Goes
stands out as a particularly glossy outing for Evol and band. With producer Mike Musmanno [Outkast, Lilys] onboard for the project, label Rainbow Quartz was looking to get something that sounded, you know, produced. As a result of that and some decisions by the band intended to make Story stand out among the Rainbow Quartz catalog, many of The Get Quick's rougher edges were left out of the final mixes. That's not the case with the dozens of demos Evol sent along. The act's pilled-up, dangerous side is front and center in the careening rocker "It's All Right Now," which we are able to offer you here exclusively. In addition we're also proffering "Out Of Time," a number recorded for How The Story Goes that was left off the final sequencing for the record. These will only be up for a week, so get 'em while they're hot. We're saving a few other choice cuts of a different conceptual stripe (think synths!) for a post over at Two And A 1/2 Pounds Of Bacon, so keep your eyes open over there in the next week or so, too.

The Get Quick -- "It's All Right Now" -- Unreleased
The Get Quick -- "Out Of Time" -- Unreleased How The Story Goes outtake

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