March 13, 2006

Free Range Music: clicky clicky 2006 Mix V.1

Swearing At MotoristsWhile this playlist is only as exhaustive as the service allows us to be, here are 10 of our favorite tracks of the year thus far, all mixed together nicey-nice and ready for you to stream gratis thanks to our friends at Rhapsody. Tomorrow's new releases not included. There are a lot of names you'd expect to encounter (Mogwai, Destroyer, Belle & Sebastian), but we hope we're able to introduce you to something you've yet to hear from less-hyped acts including Parks & Recreation, His Name Is Alive and Swearing At Motorists. And the best part is all you gots to do is click a link, provide an email address (please don't use ours), and blammo! the playlist will launch is a new browser window. Pretty rad, right? Here's the playlist, link below.

1. Mogwai -- Travel Is Dangerous -- Mr. Beast
2. Swearing At Motorists -- Northern Line -- Last Night Becomes This Morning
3. New Radiant Storm King -- Quicksand Under Carpet -- The Steady Hand
4. Destroyer -- 3000 Flowers -- Destroyer's Rubies
5. Belle & Sebastian -- Another Sunny Day -- The Life Pursuit
6. Parks & Recreation -- La La La La La -- What Was She Doing Down By The Shoreline
7. His Name Is Alive -- C.A.T.S. -- Detrola
8. Cat Power -- The Greatest -- The Greatest
9. Stereolab -- I Was A Sunny Rainphase -- Fab Four Suture
10. Goldfrapp -- Time Out From The World -- Supernature

[Play me, fool!]

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jbreitling said...

Looks like Rhapsody makes you download the full software now. Sorry about that. It's still free, but if you don't want to go to the hassle we understand. We're going to look into a way to get the old browser-based playlist streamer back, but we don't know how successful we'll be. Perhaps we'll look into one of those streaming doohickeys that Spoilt Victorian Child has...