March 5, 2006

Free Range Music: Acid House Kings, The Crystal Method

>> Stockholm's Labrador label and electropoppers Acid House Kings want everyone to give props to Don Lennon, whose fey indie pop is laced with undercurrents of irony and humor. Download "Party Coordinator" from Lennon's 1997 set Maniac [link -- right click and save as]. And, as luck would have it, Labrador is also promoting Acid House Kings' new "karaoke cover EP" Everyone Sings Along With Acid House Kings. You can download the twee rump shaker "Tonight Is Forever" featuring Mr. Lennon on vocals here [right click and save as].

>> "7th Heaven" and electronica fans perhaps for the first time have something in common over which to rejoice. Techno act The Crystal Method has soundtracked the Jessica Biels-starrer "London," and you can stream the entire set at this link. So why don't you? The soundtrack streeted last month. If you develop a particular affinity for the track "The Glass Breaker," or even if you don't, you can download it here [right click and save as].

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