March 13, 2006

Rack And Opinion: Release Date 3.14.06

Ambulance Ltd.We're going to be honest: We're a touch crestfallen. The record we were looking forward to most this week, Archie Bronson Outfit's sophomore release on Domino entitled Derdang Derdang, appears to have been pushed back to April 4. This is confirmed by a message at the act's MySpace dojo and a quick doublecheck at Amazon. The delay has reduced this week's scant new release slate to downright paltry. You will want to check out the Ambulance Ltd. EP, particularly if you haven't heard the Pink Floyd cover yet. And the Sonic Youth reissue and Stephin Merritt joint are likely must-hears for fans. But that's about it. It would appear we've all been screwed yet again by the South By Southwest bacchanalia. Thanks, Texas. Our picks for this week's most promising new releases are below. Links go to related commercial opportunities with our old dorm mothers over at Insound.

Ambulance Ltd -- New English EP -- TVT
Archie Bronson Outfit -- Derdang Derdang -- Domino
Devo 2.0 -- Devo 2.0 -- Disney Sound
Sonic Youth -- Sonic Youth (1982) -- Geffen
Stephin Merritt -- Showtunes -- Nonesuch

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