March 9, 2006

WhoTube Link Dump: The Who In The '60s

We're feeling pretty slack tonight, so we are probably just going to concentrate on listening to promos. In the meantime, and inspired by The Get Quick demos and outtakes we've been rocking all week, we thought we'd acknowledge recent news that The Who is recording its first new record in about a quarter century by nosing around for vintage clips of the band doing their thing during the best stage of their career, the pilled-up mod days. Pretty much any track you'd ever want to see performed is at the YouTube, but we'll list a few that we found particularly entertaining.

>> Here's the band doing "A Quick One While He's Away" from the Rolling Stones' Rock And Roll Circus in 1968. There's tons of windmill guitar in this one.

>> Here's "Anyway Anyhow Anywhere" from the 1965 Richmond Jazz Festival. There's a lot of Keith Moon drumming his ass off in this one. Daltry sticks his mic right on a cymbal at one point, Townshend trashes a guitar and picks up another, and all the while the girls are screaming bloody murder.

>> Heres's a great clip for "Can't Explain." There's a lot of great dancing in this one, mostly by young men. Sort of strange how few women you'll see in the clip.

>> Here's a clip of the band pretending to play "Substitute." Great track.

>> And finally here's the band lip-synching through Martha and The Vandellas' "Heatwave" for a German TV performance. Thing is, The Who's version of the track is pretty great.


Jay said...

You gots to love the YouTube. There's a great clip (included in The Kids are Alright) of the Who on the Smothers Brothers Show when they just trash the place. Funny stuff.

Kinda like the Plasmatics did 15 years later on SCTV.

jbreitling said...

Yeah, smashing stuff is cool... Cooler I guess when done by the scantily clad and chainsaw-wielding.