March 5, 2006

Today's Hotness: Portastatic, Nightmares On Wax, Colleen

>> Merge confirms that Portastatic will issue a new record, Who Loves The Sun, June 6. The CD is the instrumental soundtrack to a Canadian film of the same name. Portastatic, the secondary vehicle of Superchunk's Mac Macaughan and friends, has previously contributed music to films including "Looking For Leonard."

>> Warp Records is promoting the forthcoming Nightmares On Wax record In A Space Outta Sound with a dressed-up version of the Tetris game. Hit this link and play along -- each level of the game apparently features a different new NOW track. The trip-hop act's record streets April 20. If you buy it from Warpmart the record comes with free custom "cigarette" rolling papers -- quote are theirs, not ours.

>> Speaking of Warpmart, it's got details of a new release from everyone electronic music fan's favorite French schoolteacher Cecile Schott, a/k/a Colleen. Her latest record is part of Staaplaat's Mort Aux Vaches limited edition series. No, we don't really no what those words mean either. The set is purportedly different from her earlier records on Leaf because it is based on her live performances. It was recorded in the VPRO studios in Holland in 2004 and documents Colleen material played live between 2002 and 2004. More details here. While you're there, hit this link for info about a new LP from London-based electronic luminary Vessel, whose earlier work on Expanding Records we like a lot.

>> Some more news coming out of The Mobius Band camp. The trio has two cuts on a forthcoming Ghostly International compilation, Idol Tryouts Two, which streets March 21. The first track is "Electric Piano," which was recorded at the same time as the material for the band's 2005 long-player The Loving Sounds Of Static. The second track is a remix of that record's title track by Junior Boys. You can stream both cuts here. The band is also making a video for "The Loving Sounds Of Static," and a preview of the clip is at the Mobius Band MySpace cabin here.

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