March 27, 2006

Today's Hotness: Mendoza Line, Morrissey, Refused

The Mendoza Line!Lightning Round!

>> Woman vomits at Mendoza Line show in Indiana Friday night. MarathonPacks is there [scroll down].

>> Morrissey: I'm not coming to Canada until you guys stop killing seals. Via PunkNews.

>> More from PunkNews, crossfiled here in the "Like We're Totally Not Going To Buy It" file: Defunct Swedish hardcore goliath Refused will be memorialized with a DVD release at the end of April. You can watch the all-too-brief trailer for the disc "Refused Are Fucking Dead" here. Refused disbanded in 1998 following the release of the epic The Shape Of Punk To Come, which our man El Stengaltini refers to as the OK Computer of hardcore.

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