March 15, 2006

Review: Rahim | Ideal Lives

Rahim -- Ideal LivesWhile it's definitely a secondary observation, it's worth remarking that angular post-punk purveyors Rahim seem to have a vendetta against the chord. At least that's a theory that can be advanced based on the act's new long-player and a prior EP. Listeners are hard pressed to find many, if any, deployed in the trio's recent catalog. Rahim's latest set, Ideal Lives, is rife with typically sinewy songs that happily jerk and twitch like a dreaming dog. The band has used last year's Jungles EP [which we reviewed for Junkmedia here] as a launching pad from which it broadened its palette to include horns, organ and acoustic guitar in continuing the exploration of its firmly linear sound.

Genius bits of subtle production (the slap-suck reverse cymbal and changing equalization during the resolution of album opener "KlangKlangKlang;" the sonic mayhem at the close of "Desire") and thoughtful augmentation (the sweet trumpet in the aforementioned "Klang...;" the chimes in the bridge of "Something From An Amputee") take what at first blush seems a dry set and imbues it with a little lushness. While the tunes tend to be sparse, the production is pristine and abundant space lets the otherwise jittery instruments and vocals breathe easy. Our favorite cut is the organ-led rocker "Forever Love," which recalls More-era Pink Floyd all hopped up on pep pills, at least until the syncopated bridge. Ideal Lives wanders a little during its closing numbers, but Rahim beckons listeners along with a whistle toward the drum circle that closes the record. The set streets April 4 on French Kiss. You can catch the band on tour over the next couple weeks at the fine American rock and roll clubs listed below. Below that you'll find links to a couple downloads from the record.

03/16 -- Austin, TX -- Soho Lounge
03/16 -- Austin, TX -- Vice SXSW Stage
03/18 -- Baton Rouge, LA -- Spanish Moon
03/19 -- Atlanta, GA -- The Drunken Unicorn
03/20 -- Nashville, TN -- The End
03/21 -- St. Louis, MO -- Creepy Crawl
03/22 -- Dekalb, IL -- Kickstand
03/23 -- Bowling Green, OH -- Howard's
03/24 -- Pittsburgh, PA -- The Brillbox
03/26 -- Buffalo, NY -- Mohawk Place
03/27 -- Jamestown, NY -- Mojo's
04/06 -- New York, NY -- Rothko

[Buy Ideal Lives at Insound]
[Download "10,000 Horses" from Ideal Lives from the band's site -- right click and save as]
[Download "Forever Love" from Ideal Lives from the French Kiss site -- right click and save as]

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