March 27, 2006

Rack And Opinion: Release Date 3.28.06

The Cure -- FaithPickin's is slim in the new release bin this week, friends. The beancounters at Interscope have to be feeling pretty good about the chances for a big first week from Yeah Yeah Yeahs, whose sophomore set Show Your Bones faces minimal competition for consumer dollars this week. The Rhino reissues of the first three Cure records also hit racks this week, at least according to a CMJ article from a month ago -- we can't find any additional confirmation that the discs will actually be in the racks tomorrow, and the Rhino site is currently down. We are still hard-pressed to think of reasons why anybody would buy these single-disc Cure reissues unless the expanded versions that streeted last year are already out of print. Those records and the rest of our picks for the best releases of the week are listed below. Links go to relevant commercial opportunities with our former tub grouters over at Insound.

The Cure -- Three Imaginary Boys -- Rhino
The Cure -- Seventeen Seconds -- Rhino
The Cure -- Faith -- Rhino
The Cure -- Pornography -- Rhino
Freeheat -- Back on the Water -- Planting Seeds
Yeah Yeah Yeahs -- Show Your Bones -- Interscope

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