March 20, 2006

Coming To Your Local Bandstand: Mazarin

MazarinLooking back at our review of Mazarin's We're Already There, we see that we're batting .000 as far as one of our assertions goes. We were kinda wrong that Mazarin would raise the profile of its home city (and our former home city) of Philadelphia via our perhaps too rapidly bestowed title of "next great ambassador." Seems like the music blogging populace just lumped Quentin and the boys in with the rest of the Philly acts that made names for themselves in the last year. Even so, the city's musical profile has indeed been raised, so kudos to us. Or them. Or it. But that isn't why we're writing.

We're writing to say that the band is rounding out a U.S. tour with 11 more dates (not including tonight) before jetting off to the UK and Europe for another month of musical merry-making. If you are in one of the towns listed below we doth suggest thee get thee to the appointed venue to see these guys, who are responsible for one of our favorite records (top five, easy) of last year. The dates are below. For a few MP3s, hit this link. Otherwise, stream that johnson up in their MySpace igloo, where they are currently offering a stream of the all-time-greatest Mazarin jam "Chasing The Girl."

03/21 -- Los Angeles, CA -- Spaceland
03/22 -- Claremont,CA -- Pitzer College
03/23 -- Sand Francisco, CA -- Rickshaw Stop
03/24 -- Portland, OR -- Dante's
03/25 -- Seattle, WA -- Sunset Tavern
03/27 -- Salt Lake City, UT -- Kilby Court
03/28 -- Denver, CO -- Larimer Lounge
03/30 -- Minneapolis, MN -- 400 BAR
03/31 -- Champaign, IL -- Cowboy Monkey
04/01 -- Newport, KY -- Southgate House
04/02 -- Columbus, OH -- Andyman's Treehouse

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