March 18, 2006

Today's Hotness: Franz Ferdinand, New Order, Roxy Music

Franz Ferdinand -- The Fallen>> Domino will issue a double A-side single for Franz Ferdinand's "The Fallen" April 4, and to get you stoked for it there is an e-card and a sort of silly video for the track. The other A-side is the non-album tune "L. Wells," and if you get the CD single you'll also receive another non-album cut "Jeremy Fraser" as well as an alternate version and video for "The Fallen." Check out the video in your favorite format: QT | RM | WM

>> We forgot about this until the missus reminded us Friday afternoon. While at the theater a couple weeks back we saw a trailer for the forthcoming Kirsten Dunst/Jason Schwartzman starrer "Marie Antoinette." It screens in theaters beginning October 13 and is directed by Sofia Coppola. Why do you care? Because the trailer has New Order's awesome "Age Of Consent" as its soundtrack. It sounded amazing on the movie theater's mega sound system. Check out the trailer here.

>> And some more news from Domino. Archie Bronson Outfit's next full length isn't even in stores yet and the band already has plans for a second single. Domino will issue May 22 the pub rocker's tune "Dead Funny." No word yet on a b-side or any other accompanying material. Archie Bronson Outfit's Derdang Derdang hits American racks April 4.

>> Two things from Coolfer in the last 48 hours worth noting: 1) Roxy Music, including Brian Eno, is working on a new record [kaboing!]. 2) CoolDogg also calls out music bloggers for being slack asses with regards to posting from SXSW [blammo!]. Damn, there we go mentioning that frat party again...

>> Pfork notes that a new Boards of Canada EP is forthcoming [kapow!].

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