March 28, 2006

Free Range Music: Maritime's "Tearing Up The Oxygen"

Maritime -- We, The VehiclesWe've already given Maritime some love elsewhere, but the act's second album is almost nigh and we've gotten our hands on another track from the set that we can share with you (incidentally our promo disc finally arrived at clicky clicky HQ just prior to press time; this track is provided by the fine folks at IODA/PromoNet). "Tearing Up The Oxygen" is track two on the forthcoming set and it introduces some pleasant bleeps and more prominent harmonies into the formula that fueled the excellent lead-off track "Calm." The former song, which we're offering for download below, is a typically mid-tempo yearner that also touts great vocals and gently persistent guitars. Another reason we dig the track is because it employs the band's name in the lyrics, a genius move under-appreciated indie rock act Haywood pulled in the '90s on its track "Take An Inventory." But we digress. Maritime is led by former The Promise Ring fronter Davey Von Bohlen, and until recently included a cat from The Dismemberment Plan, although said cat has left the group. Maritime's sophomore release We, The Vehicles streets April 4 on Flameshovel. You're gonna want this one.

Maritime -- "Tearing Up the Oxygen" (MP3, 192kbps)
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Georgia Brown said...

Yeah, that Maritime record is so good! I just got a chance to listen to it and I love it! Did you know that the its produced by the guy from New Sense? I think you can really hear the similarities.

jbreitling said...

As a matter of fact, I did not know that.