March 14, 2006

Today's Hotness: The Cure, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Pixies

The Cure -- The Top>> Rejoice one and all, the next installments of The Cure's deluxe reissues finally have a release date. According to this ILM thread, which offers no source for the info (although we poked around and think the info originated in an email to Cure fan club members), beefed-up versions of The Top, The Head On The Door and Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me will hit American racks July 3. Also seeing re-release a month earlier is the spotty but rewarding Robert Smith/Steve Severin project The Glove. We're especially stoked about the trio of Cure reissues because we've never owned The Top and The Head On The Door on CD, and harbor expectations that the bonus material from that period is going to blow our minds, as the rhythm section around the time of the latter record was particularly potent. No mention of the new discs yet at the official Cure site, but whatever. We're very much looking forward to summer now.

>> If you pre-order the forthcoming Yeah Yeah Yeahs joint from ITunes you'll get an exclusive download of a live version of the track "Cheated Hearts." Oh yeah, and a digital booklet. You know how you love to just sit there and read the digital booklet over and over as you listen to a new record. That statement would be true if you add a "d" to "love" and "in 1989" after "there" and "Disintegration" after "record" and substitute "CD Insert" for "digital booklet" and "The Cure's" for "new." Anyway, the forthcoming YYY set is called Show Your Bones and it streets March 28 on Interscope. More info at this link that irritatingly opens in ITunes instead of a web browser.

>> Coolfer points to news the EMusic has struck a deal to offer Morr Music titles as part of its downloadable music offerings. EMusic is pretty much always expanding its offerings, but we're a big fan of that particular label. Drinks all around!

>> MarathonPacks has a January 1987 WERS radio set from a significantly younger iteration of The Pixies than the one we all know and love today. The sound quality is good, and the tracks are well worth downloading. Here's the link.

>> That weird Cars reunion thing with Todd Rundgren sitting in the Ocasek seat is officially going forward under the terrible moniker The New Cars. Here's Reuters' coverage.

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